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Cribbage Board Android App

Current version: 1.04 (build 4).

Cribbage Board is an Android application available in the Google Play Store here . The app can be used in place of a traditional cribbage board during a game of cribbage. There are two versions of the app - free and pro. The free version allows play with two players to a game of 121. The pro version allows you to set the number of players from 1 to 5, choose a preferred screen layout, set a different game ending score, play captain's cribbage and lowball cribbage. Neither version contains ads or violates your privacy in any way.

Main Screen

main screen

You will need a real deck of cards and another human player to use this product :-). Each player scores on one section of the screen. To begin scoring a new game with the current settings, click "New Game" new game button in the upper right corner of the screen. If your device screen is small, you may have to click the three dots to see this option. Then play a game of cribbage with cards in the normal way. Each time a player scores points, record the score with the number buttons score buttons corresponding to the player who scored.

For example, if the red player scores two points, tap the two button button on the red side of the screen. You will then see the score for the red player increase by two points. red score area The score for each player is shown at at the top of the screen. Undo and redo buttons allow you to undo a mistake scoring. To score more than 10 points, simply tap buttons to sum to the score. So to score 16 points you can tap the "10" and "6" buttons.

The upgrade button upgrade button at the bottom of the screen allow you to upgrade to the pro version of Cribbage Board with more options and features. When you upgrade you support this ad-free software that respects your privacy.

After upgrading, Minus buttons appear in place of the Upgrade button. You can use the Minus button for game variations that call for subtracting points. Tapping the Minus button brings up a dialog that allows you to indicate the number of points to subtract . The app will subtract the indicated number of points but will not let a score go below zero. For example, if your score is 4 points and you subtract 6 points, your new score will be 0, not -2.

The settings button settings button at the upper right corner opens the settings screen.

The Settings Screen settings screen

You can see the privacy policy or get help from this screen. Settings, except for screen layout, take effect at the start of the next game. Screen layout changes take effect immediately. The settings are available after you upgrade to the pro version.

Playing the Game

Select the "New Game" new game button option in the upper right corner of the screen. As you play the game, each player adds to their score using the numbered buttons. score buttons If you enter a score by mistake you can use the "Undo" undo button and "Redo" redo button buttons. As each player changes their score, the amount that the score is being changed by temporarily shows up in place of the score. If a player has a score of 12 and adds two points, the "12" display temporarily changes to "+2" Score added display and then to "14". If the player then taps "Undo" they will see "-2" Score subtraced display and then "12" in the scoring area. When scoring, an image of a skunk appears briefly if a player is in danger of being skunked. Score subtraced display

Ending the GameScreen illustration - blue player won the game

The game ends when one player reaches the game-ending score (usually 121). At this point most buttons are disabled and the app indicates the winner as shown in the illustration to the right. The illustration shows that player 2 (the blue player) has won the game but not skunked their opponent. The undo button associated with the blue player can still be used in case the blue player entered a score by mistake. All other buttons are disabled. To continue using the app for a new game, use the "New Game" menu item at the top right of the screen.


This app respects your privacy. The app shows no advertisements and does not share any personal information. You can help us make more great apps that respect your privacy by upgrading to the pro version. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a version for iPhone?

No. We may develop one in the future.

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